nutter - Michael P. Nutter was faced with a huge...

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Michael P. Nutter was faced with a huge responsibility when he was sworn into office at his inauguration ceremony on January 7, 2008, as the mayor of Philadelphia. Citizens were eager to elect the democratic reformist who promised a profound change in all policy areas after decades of systematic failure in trying to solve an array of issues in Philadelphia. His challenge now is to carry out his promises of reform in public safety, education, healthy and sustainable communities, jobs and economic development, ethics and transparency and government performance 1 , while at the same time corresponding this menu for change with the most pressing problems the local government is responsible for alleviating. “Voice of Young Philadelphia: Decide, Discuss, Vote” released a survey in 2007, sponsored by Young America PAC, Young Involved Philadelphia and the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce's Young Professional Network, and the Committee of Seventy, asking young adults to determine the top five most important issues of the election year out of the given 35 issues. Based on the survey, the participants considered the following five issues to be most important: crime/gun control/criminal justice (65.2%), mass/public transit (42.7%), economic development (41.1%), education and early education (37%), and job growth and retention (35.8%) 2 . The results of this survey illustrate the obvious concern for the growing crime rate in Philadelphia from the young adults. In the five years from 2001 to 2006, Philadelphia's murder rate soared more than 36 percent, while nationally, the murder rate increased only 2 percent. The following table from the Philadelphia Police Department illustrates an increase of crime reports from 2005 to 2006. The table shows a significant overall decrease in the number of crimes reported from 1995 to 2006, however the number of reports show a steady increase from 81,833 in 2004 to 85,493 in 2006. 1 “First 100 Days: The Path to Progress.” Office of the Mayor. City of Philadelphia. 2008. 2 “Voice of Young Philadelphia: Decide, Discuss, Vote Survey: Top 5 Issues of 2007.” Young Professionals Network. Young America PAC. Young Involved Philadelphia. 2008. 1
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3 QuickTime and a decompressor are needed to see this picture. Matt Rourke of the Associated Press reported in an article in April 2007 more than 1
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nutter - Michael P. Nutter was faced with a huge...

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