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Carly Neubauer WMS 351 Jody Lisberger Reader Response Journals Wed 2/6/08 “Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight” Clifford Geertz Geertz’s article on expressing violence via cockfights was an interesting take on the different vehicles through which humans express violence in different cultures. The American perspective of the Balinese culture was interesting as well, especially how the locals praised Geertz and his wife for running from officials instead of standing around like innocent tourists. More on violence: the main ideas I got from Geertz were the Balinese men used the cocks to compete for status. The cockfights were a route of aggression among the men, however, as Geertz put it, “no one’s status changes” at the end of the fight. Mon 2/11/08 Violence and the Sacred (excerpts) Rene Girard Wow! Girard had a lot to say in the excerpts Jody provided for us. I’m really enjoying the articles assigned to us on violence. Before this class my paradigm of violence was pretty narrow, not focusing on different means or theories. Girard’s take on sacrifice was something I had never thought of/read about before. She asks the question, “Why … do we never explore the relationship between sacrifice and violence?” This was a very thought provoking question for me. I’ve always connected sacrifice with religion, and this very connection is why I never questioned the motives or reasons behind sacrifice. Exempting sacrifice on the basis of its calling by God may be the very problem of the practice that Girard is trying to get at. One of my favorite quotes from her excerpts: “…because sacrificial rites have no basis in reality, we have every reason to label them meaningless (Girard, 3)” 1
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Tues 2/12/08 “Battle Royal” Ralph Ellison This story was tough to read for me for multiple reasons. There was a lot of symbolism, which made it hard to come to the message Ellison was trying to convey. Was the grandfather trying to tell his family to succeed by staying quiet, or by speaking
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journals - Carly Neubauer WMS 351 Jody Lisberger Reader...

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