Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 The Clock's Ticking Checking...

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Chapter 18: The Clock’s Ticking: Checking Everything Before the Launch Using a checklist for absolute assurance Best way to review requested information of your grant application before finalizing the attachments: CHECKLIST Assures you will include all requested information for application narrative presented in the correct order. Some funding agencies include checklists in their grant application (even better because it lets you know exactly what they want) a. Refer to Figure 18-1 on pg. 249 of the class text for an example of a checklist provided by a government grant application b. Some funders may request you to include the checklist with the grant application (be sure to know where they want the checklist placed in the application) Cover materials First thing grant reviewers see when picking up your application are the cover materials Thus, the following materials should be correctly completed and located in its proper place: o Cover Letter – typed on organization’s letterhead, signed by president of board or executive director o Prenarrative Forms – in place with empty fields merged The National Network of Grantmakers (NNG) Common Grant Application Format, Browning suggests to type the organizations name after Submitted to and to insert the amount of monies you are asking for after Grant Request o Abstract/Executive Summary Brief overview of application’s contents that should contain at least 125 words on a separate page o Table of Contents Required by state and federal grant applications Introduction to your organization Application narrative should address following information points: o History of organization o Major accomplishments relevant to proposed grant-funded project o Programs/projects currently relevant to proposed grant-funded project o Demographics of target populations mirroring types of populations funder wants to support in current funding cycle o Local/reg/statewide collaborations & statewide profit/non-profit partners **If you’ve referred reader to any attachments in the grant application, be sure to keep a list of
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attached documents to be sure they are in place before sending app. out. Problem or needs statement Problem/needs statement should cover following topics: o Problem in critical need of grant funding o How problem was identified o Perspectives: National/reg/local o National research proving existence of problem o “Gloom, doom ,drama, and trauma” justifying urgency of grant funding o Include a graphic in this narrative section if you have not in the previous ones – at least a table or chart will do – even a map of location (gives reader’s eyes a break) Program design/plan of operation o Meat of grant application, so make sure it contains following:
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Chapter 18 - Chapter 18 The Clock's Ticking Checking...

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