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7/26/01 I. Dominant Pastoralists of East Africa In the 1600’s, East Africa had pastoralists in present day Rwanda and Burundi. The Tutsi tribe was rising to power. Toward the 1800’s, Rwanda and Burundi starting farming and there were more farmers than pastoralists. They were also trading cattle and over time the Tutsi got more power. The farmers paid tribute to them in crops. The Tutsi’s were very tall and did not mix with other groups. There were a lot of groups in present day Tanzania and Kenya. In the 1600-1700’s the Maasai or Masai were another dominant pastoral group in East Africa. The Masai were dominant were dominant and they raided cattle. They claimed all the cattle in the land belonged to them. They made up a myth proclaiming this. I. The forest of today’s Democratic Republic of Congo Between 1600-1750, these people lived in small village states. The smaller end had about 30 people when the larger end had about 200 people per village. The villages were connected with alliances such as marriage. They
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