A Geography of American Sport

A Geography of - They did this without the supply of high school talent NC used basketball in advertising to boost the industry Major athletic

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A Geography of American Sport John F. Rooney, JR. Co. 1974 By 1858 there were approximately 25 clubs playing baseball but no representation from the south. Still by 1902, the south had no representation in baseball. During the 1920’s Missouri, Alabama and NC started developing players. Increase in golf facilities during the 1960s-1070s. In southern states facilities increased between 50% and 194 percent. Focusing mainly in Florida and the Carolinas. Excluding the south, most agriculture states record high participation rates for the three “national sports” (baseball, football, basketball). Many of the low income states of the South had overall low participation rates. North Carolina took a step forward and developed a basketball program.
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Unformatted text preview: They did this without the supply of high school talent. NC used basketball in advertising to boost the industry. Major athletic conferences were developed in collegiate sports. The ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) includes, Clemson, Wake Forest, Duke, UNC, NC State, Virginia and Maryland. Georgia and Missouri were the only southern states to show above average participation in high school soccer. The good weather of the south has had little effect on the rise of tennis. They were possible lacking sponsors on such a sport. Georgia once again had a large population of the sport of gymnastics. As compared to the rest of the southern region which had practically NO participation....
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