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LSD article review 2 - Vivian Ezike Bibliography 2...

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Vivian Ezike Bibliography 2 Perceptions of Healthy Social and Emotional Aging . Lee, L. Y. K., & Fan, K. (2008). An exploratory study on the perceptions of healthy ageing among Chinese adults in Hong Kong. Journal of Clinical Nursing , 17 (10), 1392-1394. Summary This article describes a study done in Hong Kong to determine the way current middle class citizens view healthy aging. The purpose of the study was to try and figure out how adults define healthy aging and also look at how they were currently preparing for their own aging. The authors felt that in order to prepare Chinese society for the elderly, the society must first know and understand the perceptions of those who will be the elderly one day. The idea behind the study was to gain a better understanding of the emotional and social expectations of adults in order to achieve healthy aging. With this information, caregivers in the future (hypothetically) would be better able to meet the needs of their patients and help them achieve happiness in their old age. The main method of gathering information in the study was to be done via interview. Because of this, prior to the study, a pilot study was conducted with two Chinese adults to test the interview guide and practice interviewing skills. Once the pilot study was over and all
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LSD article review 2 - Vivian Ezike Bibliography 2...

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