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Vivian Ezike Bibliography 1 Physical Development in Adolescents Sondeijker, F. E., Ferdinand, R. F., Oldehinkel, A. J., Tiemeier, H., Ormel, J., & Verhulst, F. C. (2008). HPA-axis activity as a predictor of future disruptive behaviors in young adolescents. Psychophysiology , 45 (3), 398-404. Summary This article describes a study done in the Netherlands to determine whether or not cortisol levels in adolescents could predict the onset of future disruptive behaviors as well as the persistence of them. According to the article, in recent years, studies have shown that HPA- axis activity is significantly related to disruptive behavior in developing adolescents. The author states, however, that in the previous studies done to test the theory have had contradictory results. The previous studies also had certain faults (such as time of day of cortisol collection, the amount of stress on the participants, mood of participants, etc) that these experimenters believed negatively effected the outcomes. One factor that the previous studies did not include was gender (all of the subjects of the earlier studies were male) so Sondeijker et al wanted to include women, in case there were gender differences. The authors also wanted to try and determine the validity of the sensation seeking theory, which states that
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LSD article review - Vivian Ezike Bibliography 1 Physical...

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