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Deaf event paper - Vivian Ezike Deaf Cultural Event Paper...

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Vivian Ezike Deaf Cultural Event Paper For my Deaf Cultural event, I visited Columbus Colony around 4pm on Monday November 26, 2007. The participants in this event were the residents and staff of Columbus Colony, and me. During my time at Columbus Colony, I saw many things that I had expected. Initially, after my visit, I felt as though I hadn’t seen any cultural behaviors, but I realized later that I felt that way because I knew what to expect. Some things I encountered were waving of hands or a touch on the shoulder to get attention, tactile signing (there was a deaf and blind woman), and closed captioning on all the TV’s. When I first arrived at the nursing home, I was very nervous. The interpreter who I had spoken to on the phone said that she had to find someone who was having a “good day” to sign with me. This worried me a lot because I didn’t want to intrude on anyone’s personal space, or upset anybody since I wasn’t fluent in sign. I was very afraid that whomever I signed with would quickly tire of my confusion and get annoyed. When I met the interpreter (Linda) she was very nice. She told me not to worry because she had found someone who was only in the nursing home for a fractured hip bone and so she had not been there too long. The woman’s name was Lillian Peterman. When I met Lillian though, she didn’t seem very open to me. I tried to sign with her and I told her that I was still learning and I tried to engage in conversation. She did not seem interested! Seeing
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Deaf event paper - Vivian Ezike Deaf Cultural Event Paper...

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