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personality homework 2 - Vivian Ezike Personality...

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Vivian Ezike Personality Psychology Homework 2 May 13, 2008 A Beautiful Mind Movie Watched : A Beautiful Mind Summary This movie is based on the life of a genius named John Nash. The film begins with Nash attending school at Princeton University where he received a prestigious scholarship for his academic talent. Throughout his college career, we are led to believe that Nash has a roommate that is very much his opposite. His roommate (Charles) is a big party person and very carefree. While he is at Princeton, Nash comes up with a theory of Governing Dynamics which helps him land a job as a professor at MIT. While at MIT, Nash meets his future wife (Alicia) as she is a student in one of his classes. During his time at MIT, Nash meets a secret agent named Parcher, who recruits him to decipher hidden messages in newspapers. Nash thinks he is going this work to help foil a Soviet communist plot. After he deciphers the messages, he is instructed to place them in a mailbox by a house so Parcher can pick them up. Nash’s apparent mission makes him more and more paranoid and causes him to elicit concern
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personality homework 2 - Vivian Ezike Personality...

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