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started too soon - Vivian Ezike Adolescent Psychology...

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Vivian Ezike Adolescent Psychology Montemayor April 24, 2008 Started Too Soon Between the ages of 13 and 18, I was a very unhappy child. If you had seen me on the street or in church, you would never be able to guess that I was on my way to being clinically depressed. My parents had always taught me that one should never “air dirty laundry”, so I was very skilled at hiding the fact that I was miserable. The odd thing about my sadness, was that I was never able to explain it away. I had a great home life, (perhaps a little too structured, but probably necessary). My brothers and I got along, my parents always made sure I had the money for the things I needed. There was no abuse or neglect, and we were all devout Catholics. I was the star student of the school- President of the Student Council, above average GPA, had a job I loved, was in the band, played basketball, and ran track. Every parent wanted their child to be like me, so what was the problem? As I spent my free time analyzing myself, I realized that I had little desire to be alive. I had trouble\le keeping friends for extended periods of time, I felt incredibly unattractive when compared to the other girls in my class, I believed I was truly alone in the world, and my body was NOT what I wanted it to be at all. I truly believed I was never going to be good enough for anyone, so why even try? At the lowest point in my life, I told my mother of my feelings and asked to see a
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This note was uploaded on 05/30/2008 for the course PSYCH 551 taught by Professor Montemayor during the Spring '08 term at Ohio State.

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started too soon - Vivian Ezike Adolescent Psychology...

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