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Cal Poly POLS 112 Evans April 16, 2008 Short Essay No.1 “La Nueva Orleans” In response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster the Bush administration suspended two federal laws. The Department of homeland security temporarily suspended the sanctioning of employers who hire illegal aliens. President Bush also suspended some previsions of the Davis- Bacon Act that designated a requirement for government contractors to pay prevailing wages in Louisiana and other devastated areas. Rodriguez claims that the effect of the suspension of these laws will allow contractors to hire illegal immigrants causing vast increases in their ethnic
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Unformatted text preview: representation. In the 1990, Mexican immigrants accounted for 3.3% of the construction workforce, but by 2004 the percentage had grown to 17%. In fact, approximately 40% of the workers who aided in the reconstruction of the pentagon, post 9/11, were of Latin origin. Rodriguez characterizes the U.S. immigration policy as hypocritical, because Washington refuses to grant citizenship to the very individuals who aided in the post Katrina reconstruction efforts....
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