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Short Essay 3 - still be legal through the use of shadow...

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Cal Poly POLS 112: Evans May 27, 2008 Short Essay 4 The Campaign Finance Legislation of 2002 attempts to change how current campaigns are financed. In order to do so the legislation limited the amount of “soft” and “hard” money a campaign can receive. Rasky doubts that these legislative changes will have any major effect on how campaigns will be financed. Rasky believes the money will still find its way to the candidates. When fundraising for political campaigns, political candidates receive both hard and soft money contributions. Hard money is rather easily traced. The root problem lies with soft money contributions. Although new campaign legislation prohibits soft money contributions to national political parties, the receiving of such monies may
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Unformatted text preview: still be legal through the use of shadow parties. Unions, elites and corporations are able to give unlimited amounts of soft money which in effect trickles down to the political candidate. The new Campaign Finance Legislation will most likely not accomplish its intended goals. Elites will still be able to control public policy decisions through the use of soft money campaign contributions. Tom Delay’s recent scandal has legitimized Razkys’ doubts of actual finance “reform.” Joseph Remcho also argues home this point; “The new law is one step to making the individual candidate less accountable.” “There is no way to keep the money out of politics. You are simply pushing it to private entities.”...
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Short Essay 3 - still be legal through the use of shadow...

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