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lab 2 - Experiment Electrostatic Charge Potential and...

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Experiment: Electrostatic Charge, Potential and Capacitance Experiment number: 2 Date: 1/29/2008
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Purpose: The purpose of this lab is to become accustomed to electric charge, electric potential, and capacitance. It also gives knowledge to how mechanical work and electrical potential are connected. Apparatus: Items needed for this experiment are: 1. A rubber rod 2. A wool cloth 3. A glass rod 4. A silk cloth 5. String 6. Pith Ball 7. Lab Stand 8. Electrometer 9. Ceramic Spacer 10. Parallel Plate Capacitor 11. Ruler 12. Vernier Caliper. Method: In part one we used the wool cloth and rubber rod to create a charge on the ball. Then, we used the silk cloth and glass rod to illustrate that the ball had a charge by showing that it was attracted to the glass rod. For the rest of the experiment the rods and cloths were used with the plates and the electrometer to collect the remaining data. Results: The rubber rod and wool cloth created a negative charge on anything it touched such as the ball and also the plates. This was shown by the electrometer. In the
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