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The Great Gatsby Paper

The Great Gatsby Paper - The Great Gatsby Study Question#4...

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The Great Gatsby - Study Question #4 In his classic novel, The Great Gatsby , F. Scott Fitzgerald exposes and criticizes the inherent greed and corruption of society in the 1920’s. These vices are embodied in the characters Fitzgerald creates, particularly in the shady businessman Meyer Wolfsheim. While just a supporting character, Meyer Wolfsheim is also important because he shapes the conflicts of the novel. The first time Meyer Wolfsheim appears in the novel he is described as “a small, flat- nosed Jew…with two fine growths of hair which luxuriated in either nostril.” During his lunch with Gatsby and Nick, Wolfsheim acts paranoid and is described as eating “with ferocious delicacy,” evoking an image of dignified gluttony. He also mistakes Nick for a man looking for a “business gonnegtion.” The words “delicacy” and “luxuriated” imply Wolfsheim is a man of refinement. On the other hand, Wolfsheim’s cuff-links made out
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