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English 109 RR #3 - Dracula I feel like Lucy is portrayed very much so as a damsel in distress, and as reliant on men throughout the last few chapters. She must be the epitome of a woman, as she writes to Mina exclaiming her emotions in receiving three proposals in one day. She is then portrayed as someone who is fragile and has a strong need for men to care for her. I find it interesting that her condition is inflicted by a male, and that Dracula uses her and the blood of the men to sustain himself. This really emphasizes her dependence on men that she must have their blood, and decisions, to stay alive. “Young miss is bad, very
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Unformatted text preview: bad. She wants blood, and blood she must have or die. My friend John and I have consulted; and we are about to perform what we call transfusion of blood – to transfer from full veins of one to the empty veins which pine for him. John was to give his blood, as he is the more young and strong than me, but, now you are here, you are more good than us, old or young, who toil much in the world of thought. Our nerves are not so calm and our blood not so bright than yours!” The men are in charge of scientific and superstitious treatment of Lucy, including who gives her blood and garlic to adorn her room....
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