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English 109 RR #1 - PDG I wonder, not about the original corruption of Dorian Gray, but more about the progression of it. It is obvious that Lord Henry opened Dorians mind to a world of selfishness, but there was so much more that contributed to it. Dorians own wish and Basils brushwork allowed Dorian to escape all consequences of age and conscience. It seems to me that as soon as Dorian came to realize that his own soul had taken up residence in the portrait, he felt free of ethics and became a man of pleasure. Lord Henry and others were sure to guide Dorian with their whims, but ultimately, Dorian lost a sense of moral values because he knew it wouldn’t immediately affect him. He led himself into corruption, at one point, for his own entertainment.
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Unformatted text preview: So that as his body grew old and his soul turned evil, he could compare his own visual perfection. I love the excerpt in chapter eleven exclaiming his delight, Often, on returning home fromThe very sharpness of the contrast used to quicken his sense of pleasure. He grew more and more enamored of his own beauty, more and more interested in the corruption of his soulHe would place his white hands beside the coarse bloated hands of the picture, and smile. He mocked the misshapen body and the failing limbs (144). I am mostly interested in how other members of the class would view Dorians corruption; if more people would see it as an act of self-mutilation or a lamb being forced into destruction....
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