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RR2 PDGCourseHero - English 109 RR#2 PDG I'm going to start...

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English 109 RR #2 - PDG I’m going to start this with the fact that there are few exceptions to the rule “Books are always better than the movie.” Though it isn’t particularly relevant to the last part of the book, I was rather disappointed in Dorian Grays part in The League of Extraordinary Gentleman . A friend mentioned his part in it to me while we were discussing the book, and I figured it would be a nice insight to the novel. The movie followed through with his corruption and deceit, but managed to make him invincible and destroyed the role of the portrait. An interesting movie – maybe, a visual representation of the book – no. Back on topic, I was not entirely surprised at the finale of this novel. I was very curious as to how long it would take for James Vane to reappear. I think my biggest question of his return would be how the woman knew him as Prince Charming, I couldn’t grasp that. I don’t recall another woman, who had met him, to know him by that alias. I also wonder if Dorian would have considered himself a murderer of one, or four.
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