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Fall 2005 Review Sheet for Final Exam Part I: Short Answers. You will be asked to identify and describe the historical significance of several of the following terms. Four or five sentences should suffice. When appropriate, cite examples from the course readings. You may also be asked to place events into chronological order. 1. Republicanism-idea of a nation being ruled by elected representatives instead of a king 2. Tom Paine 3. John Adams-he was he first vice president and the second president of the U.S. XYZ affair. 4. Limited government-Law restricts government. 5. Popular sovereignty-is the doctrine that government is created by and subject to the will of the people. 6. Land Ordinance of 1785 7. Northwest Ordinance-were the acts of the Continental Congress passd to regulate the settlement of the Northwest Territory. 8. Shays' Rebellion 9. Federalists (and The Federalist )-people who supported the constitution. 10.Antifederalists- people who didnt support the constitution. 11.Report on Public Credit 12.Whiskey Rebellion 13.Alien and Sedition Acts 14.Virginia and Kentucky Resolves 15.Ichabod Crane- schoolteacher who ran from headless horsemen 16.Non-Importation Act (Embargo) 17."War Hawks"-urged the country to war, lawyers from south and west. Wanted to war britian to legitimize indian attacks and nullify empressments. Expansionists who wanted to land. Congressmen. 18.Henry Clay 19.Tecumseh 20.Tenskwatawa (the Prophet) 21.Red Sticks-Faction of Creek Indians, that were inspired by Tecumseh and went to war against their own people. 22.Battle of New Orleans-jan 8 1815 war of 1812. us beat british. Treaty of ghent which ended the war had already been signed. 23.The American System- a package of protective tarriffs to promote manufacturing and federal expenditures for extensive internal improvements such as roads and canals 24.Mayo Greenleaf Patch 25.The Market Revolution- new forms of transport and new factories coupled with banking, legal, and tariff policies forced economic reform. Opened jobs to women. 26. Second Bank of the U.S.-philly head. 18 branches, opened 1816. 27.National Road-1811 first government funded road. Connected ohio river and potomac river 28.Erie Canal-1825 350 miles between albany and hudson and buffalo 29.Mill Acts 30. Dartmouth College v. Woodward 31.Panic of 1819- depression in america and britain caused for mass bankruptcy 32.Missouri Crisis 33.The Corrupt Bargain-clay becoming part of adams cabinet after alegidly giving him the presidency 34."civilized" tribes-tribes that acted more like whites 35.Trail of Tears-Jackson had indians go west of missiisssiiipppiiii. Indian removal act of 1830. specifically refers to cherokee, ¼ died on 1200 mile journey. 36.Nullification Crisis- the ability for states
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finalreviewsheet - History 128 Fall 2005 Review Sheet for...

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