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Engl 102 9-1-05 Analysis-“Because I Could Not Stop For Death” I chose this poem by Emily Dickinson because I thought the first lines were interesting, the she would not stop for death, but that ‘he’, being death, would willingly stop for her. That the speaker says she would not stop for death, I believe they didn’t think they were ready to die, or that it was an unexpected death. I think that the carriage is a metaphor for the journey to your final resting place, whether you believe it to be heaven, hell or the ground. I came to this conclusion because after death picks up the narrator they rode past many things before finally coming to ‘eternity.’ They drove slowly because if you are going to an eternal place, there is no hurry to arrive. The narrator says she put away her work and pleasure to replace with his ‘civility,’ which I think is a mention of God, because it is believed that when you
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Unformatted text preview: go to heaven you don’t bring your work or hobbies, but then that you serve God. Therefore you would no longer need your work or pastimes. Passing the school, field and sunset are metaphors for a lifetime. You start out as a child, who has not yet learned anything, and then you grow and need to toil in fields to make money and food, and the sunset represents the end of your life. Then house mentioned towards the end of the poem is her final resting place, her new home. The swell in the land, the highest point being only a pile or earth, this represents her physical resting place, her body’s grave. Then stating it has been centuries since the last moment of the grave shows that she has reached eternity and her spirit is what has lived on. Then the final line saying they are still going to eternity makes complete sense because you can not actually reach eternity as it lasts forever....
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