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1. Gender 2. gender stratification 3. athletic comparisons between women and men – how have they changed in the last 100 years? 4. kibbutzim – what is the point of this example? 5. patriarchy – what is it? 6. global perspectives on women’s position – how do women fare around the world? 7. beauty myth – what is it? How does it effect both women and men? 8. percent of US women working for income? 9. percent of US couples dependent on women’s income? 10. challenges to male domination in the workplace include what? 11. college degrees by sex- who earns what? 12. percent of women in congress 13. women in the military – sources of discontent 14. violence against women – where and by whom 15. percents on rape and known attackers on college campuses 16. (functionalist) Parsons’ view of gender 17. (conflict) Engels’ view of gender 18. waves of feminism 19. principles of feminism 20. opposition to feminism 21. Brown vs. Board of Education
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