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Chapter 5 1. groups, categories, crowds 2. dyads and triads and what’s unique about them 3. primary vs. secondary groups 4. leadership styles 5. Asch’s research 6. Milgram’s research showed what 7. groupthink 8. reference groups 9. Stouffer’s research showed what 10. ingroup vs. outgroup 11. social networks 12. bureaucracy refers to 13. bureaucracies provide organization but also ____ 14. bureaucratic ritualism 15. iron law of oligarchy states what 16. McDonaldization of society refers to what 17. impression management 18. strategies of impression management (use the article)
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Unformatted text preview: 19. general questions from the video, The Human Behavior Experiments 20. What percentage of Stanley Milgrams subjects went the distance? What was his motivation to do the study? What did he conclude? 21. Review Zimbardos findings in The Pathology of Imprisonment 22. Review main points of Impression Management 23. Review main points of Nazi Holocaust 24. Review main points of Identity and Stigma...
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