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This is a study guide for sociology 1 test #1 on the material we have covered thus far. You will get another study gu in another 10 days or so. From Chapter 1: 1. the point of the opening marriage vignette 2. definition of sociology 3. Berger’s description of sociology 4. sociological perspective allows us to… 5. Durkheim’s explanation of suicide rates 6. US is ___ income nation 7. about how many of the world’s people live at what income level 8. economically poorest region is… 9. historical reasons for the emergence of sociology 10. Middle Age view of society 11. positivism 12. W.E.B. Du Bois work 13. theory 14. paradigm or perspective 15. key people of the functionalist approach 16. assumptions made in the functionalist approach 17. social structure 18. manifest vs. latent functions 19. social dysfunctions 20. assumptions of conflict approach 21. education from a conflict point of view (go to chapter on education) 22. micro vs. macro paradigms (key differences) 23. basic ideas of symbolic interactionist approach
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Unformatted text preview: 24. criticism of the SI approach 25. manifest and latent functions of sports 26. science can be defined as… From chapter 2: 27. culture, social structure, society 28. nonmaterial vs. material culture 29. symbols 30. Sapir-Worf hypothesis 31. values 32. norms – folkways, mores, taboos 33. subculture vs. counterculture 34. multiculturalism 35. how many adults in the US speak a language other than English at home 36. students: 1960s vs. today – differences between them 37. cultural lag 38. cultural change is set in motion three ways 39. ethnocentrism vs. cultural relativity 40. Robert Edgerton’s exception to relativity 41. processes of forming global culture 42. ‘social conflict’ view of US culture 43. ‘functions’ of culture From article one: Know each of the five assumptions associated with the three theoretical perspectives From URGA: Be able to recall symbols and meanings attached to different objects...
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Study_GuideA__for_Soc_1_Test_1_SMC_Fall_2007 - 24 criticism...

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