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Vicky Qian Jiang 1190884 Sociology1 Assignment 1) Do corporations enrich or impoverish our lives and the environment? How so? Corporations enrich our lives. There are many big corporations go to those developing countries to get cheap labors in order to get the most profit. It is true that those labors earn very little money. It is true that they live in a very bad condition of life compare to people who live in developed countries. But will they live in a better life if corporations don’t buy things from them? No. They are still poor. Corporations, in a way, provide a chance for them to get a job, to live a better life! Let’s make China as an example. Chinese labors are really cheap. People in the US are using almost everything that is made in China. Some people doesn’t like it that American corporations “enslave” cheap Chinese labors. It is true that Chinese get very low pay, probably 15 cents an hour. But things in China are cheap too. With 100 RMB which is about 10 dollors, you can have very nice meals for a WEEK! Chinese are happy about the fact that countries from all over are importing Chinese products. It helps Chinese economy. It provides them jobs and chances to live a better life. Since China has too much people, they need that much jobs to make it balance.
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Corporations - Vicky Qian Jiang 1190884 Sociology1...

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