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And, Study Guide for Soc 1 Test 3 Chapter 8 only: 1. the point of the Titanic story 2. social stratification –definition of 3. consequences of social stratification… 4. principles of stratification 5. children and stratification 6. caste system 7. the 4 effects of the caste system 8. meritocracy 9. caste-like elements in the class system 10. status in/consistency 11. apartheid in South Africa 12. Russian Revolution – society went from what to what 13. Soviet system of stratification 14. structural social mobility 15. ideology 16. the fact that every society is stratified points to. . 17. the Davis-Moore thesis of stratification 18. Marx’s two social classes are….and why 19. reasons why a Marxist revolution has not occurred 20. Weber’s concept of social class vs. Marx’s (several points to be made) 21. link between mode of economic production and degree of stratification
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Unformatted text preview: 22. Kuznet’s curve 23. inequality today is greatest in what region of the world 24. US inequality – increasing or decreasing 25. income vs. wealth 26. top 20% of U.S. earns what? Owns what? 27. top 1% in U.S. own how much wealth 28. percentage of college students in the US over 25 29. how much wealth is inherited in the US 30. what affects social class standing in the US 31. intergenerational mobility 32. what social class has experienced most upward mobility in the US 33. real income of African Americans over last few decades has… 34. accurate statements about social mobility in the US 35. most poor people are which categories (sex, age) 36. feminization of poverty means what...
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