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eas 104 final - Primary production Spatial(latitude and...

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EAS 104 OCEANOGRAPHY Final Exam Review Sheet See Review Sheets for Exam 1 and Exam 2 Coastal processes Erosional coasts versus depositional coasts Landforms characteristic of erosional vs depositional coasts Factors influencing coastal morphology Beach types Longshore transport Coastal types Estuaries, deltas, wetlands, etc. Origin of life Early fossil record of life in the ocean Stramatolites “The Oxygen Revolution” Garden of Ediacara Evolution Natural selection Trophic pyramids
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Unformatted text preview: Primary production Spatial (latitude) and temporal (season) region of highest primary productivity 6 Kingdoms of life Marine invertebrates Fish body types Marine mammals Cetaceans- Odontocetes versus Mysticetes Coral reefs Relationship between coral and Zooxanthella Coral bleaching Fisheries Whaling Ocean pollution (ex: oil, synthetic organic pollutants, etc.) Types of oceanic remote sensing Careers related to the ocean...
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