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Unit 2 Question Sheet for PSY 240 Some questions are listed below that may be helpful in encouraging you to think about the material for the next exam. Not all of the material from this sheet may be covered on the exam, and not all material from the exam is directly addressed by these questions. Don't forget to read the pages from Chapter 12 (pp. 459-463). PERSUASION 1. What does the Message Learning Approach say leads to persuasion? What are some assumptions of this approach to persuasion? Does research support it? 2. What are the two routes to persuasion? What are the ways in which they differ? 3. According to the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM), what two audience characteristics determine the route to persuasion? 4. What is need for cognition? Why is it relevant to the ELM? 5. How does distraction influence the persuasion process? 6. List and describe three ways to help someone resist persuasion. 7.
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