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PHIL 111- Kain EXAM #3 REVIEW You will have the entire 50-minute period to compose your responses. No notes, books, or collaboration with others will be allowed during the exam. The exam will consist of several short answer questions (terms, identification questions, true/false, and/or multiple choice questions) or medium-length questions and one essay question. PART I- Terms: the good will FUL and "false positives" Kant’s function argument the formula of humanity (FH) Adam, Sara, and David autonomy action performed from direct inclination five attractions of Kantian ethics action performed from duty the rigorism objection “real moral worth” sympathetic Kantian replies Friedrich Schiller’s objection Korsgaard categorical imperative double-level theory hypothetical imperative ideal theory the formula of universal law (FUL) non-ideal theory FUL and "false negatives" PART II- Medium-length questions: (A) Explain the difference between a hypothetical imperative and a categorical imperative. (B) Explain the difference between action (in accordance with duty) from direct inclination and
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