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phil 111 final review

phil 111 final review - PHIL 111 Kain FINAL EXAM REVIEW...

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PHIL 111- Kain FINAL EXAM REVIEW PART I- Terms: Ring of Gyges Aristotle's criteria for the highest good completeness self-sufficiency comprehensiveness happiness Aristotle's function argument moral virtue the doctrine of the mean bravery generosity magnificence study (or contemplation) Aquinas perfect happiness imperfect happiness theological virtues faith, hope, and love friendship (in general) 3 kinds of friendship complete friendship the friend as a "mirror" the friendship argument for virtue the nature of virtue argument for virtue PART II- Medium-length questions: (A) Present Aristotle’s function argument (B) What is a moral virtue (according to Aristotle)? Explain with reference to a particular virtue. (C) Compare and evaluate Aristotle's accounts of the virtues of generosity and magnificence. (D) Briefly explain Aristotle’s three criteria for the highest good or happiness. (E) Present Aquinas’s argument for the claim that happiness cannot be found in this life.
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