psy 120 exam 2 review - Spearmans theory of general...

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Study Guide – EXAM 2 Learning (Chapter 7) – 10 questions Classical conditioning Unconditioned stimulus Conditioned stimulus Unconditioned response Conditioned response Extinction Spontaneous recovery Second-order conditioning Operant/instrumental conditioning Shaping Observational learning Memory (Chapter 8) – 10 questions Short-term memory Chunking Rehearsal Flashbulb memory Ebbinghaus forgetting curve Intelligence (Chapter 10) – 12 questions
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Unformatted text preview: Spearmans theory of general intelligence Cattells fluid & crystallized intelligence Thurstones theory of primary mental abilities Gardners theory of intelligence Reliability & validity Intelligence quotient (IQ) Termans formula Deviation IQ Mental retardation Giftedness Stability of IQ Flynn effect Motivation & Emotion (Chapter 11) 15 questions Instincts Maslows needs hierarchy Hunger Set point Homeostasis Anorexia & Bulimia Nervosa Stages of human arousal (Masters & Johnson) Emotion Culture & emotion Facial feedback hypothesis Yerkes-Dodson Curve Happiness Theories of emotion James-Lange Theory Cannon-Bard Theory Two-Factor Theory Schachter & Singer experiment...
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psy 120 exam 2 review - Spearmans theory of general...

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