Chapter 7 - Analyze the Problem Seek other perspectives. Be...

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Chapter 7: Thinking Critically and Solving Problems Thinking Critically About Decision Making Types of Decisions Routine Decision Impulsive Decision Reasoned Decision Making Reasoned Decisions Recognize that not making a decision when one is called for is itself a decision. Wait out a decision. Focus on your life goals. Talk with others. Play out the long-term consequences of a decision you are about to make. Problem-Solving Strategies A Model for Problem Solving Present State Desired State Solution Paths Problem-Solving Processes Step 1: Specify the problem State the problem. Specify the problem in a way that allows you to solve it successfully. Express the problem verbally or in writing. Focus on language. Step 2:
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Unformatted text preview: Analyze the Problem Seek other perspectives. Be flexible in your analysis. Consider various strands of impact. Brainstorm about all possibilities and implications. Research problems for which you lack complete information. Step 3: Formulate Possible Solution Paths Try to think of all possible solutions. Be creative. Consider similar problems and how you have solved them. Step 4: Evaluate Possible Solution Paths Step 5: Choose a Solution Compatibility with your life goals and priorities. Amount of risk. Practicality. Step 6: Evaluate Your Solution Keys to Problem Solving Think aloud. Allow time for incubation. Talk about the problem....
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Chapter 7 - Analyze the Problem Seek other perspectives. Be...

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