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Iss 210 study guid - Have an understanding of why I laid...

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Have a good sense of role playing and its characteristics in symbolic  interactionism. Know the difference between primary and secondary socialization. Understand Mead’s idea of The Game and how we build up to playing  “games”. Review the various materials we’ve reviewed associated with the  performative, structural and symbolic processes of gendering and  gender transgression. Understand the key microsociological steps in the symbolic  interactionist understanding of the construction of a social self and the  relationships they are thought to have with postmodernism and/or  globalization. Know the ways we have addressed the relationship between individual  freedom societal constraints, a free society and constrained individuals. Be able to differentiate the Enlightenment view of Man from Geertz’  approach to human nature and the key terms Geertz lays out.
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Unformatted text preview: Have an understanding of why I laid out all those dualisms. Be able to work with the little bit of material I gave you on Marx, Weber and Durkheim Review the times that emotions are introduced in the textbook. Have a strong sense of the meaning and consequences of (American) individualism and its relationship to other core ideas Americans have about themselves. Have a general sense of the four or five cases presented in the article on the Nacerima. What is the ecological fallacy and why is it important to the sociological imagination? Know the rudiments of the Pragmatist philosophy that undergirds symbolic interactionism. Know the symbolic interactionist approach to power. Have a clear sense of the basic terms involved in Mills’ sociological imagination Be able to differentiate Cooley from Mead from Blumer....
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Iss 210 study guid - Have an understanding of why I laid...

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