lecture 8-30 - support this • Social Marginality Being...

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Knowing People Differences in same situation o Psychiatrist – what mind frame was o Police – what was done by who o Sociologist – what was the surrounding situation Sociology i s the scientific study of human society The sociological perspective is seeing the general in the particular and the strange in the familiar. Durkheim on suicide : showed that most personal decisions are profoundly influenced by societal forces. It is undignified for scientists to guess at something. They call it a hypothesis. Durkheim concluded that freedom causes suicide. o Autonomy; Independence Durkheim’s theory of suicide led to the strange hypothesis that those with more freedom and autonomy would commit suicide more often. Durkheim’s study supported his theory in every case and today evidence continues to
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Unformatted text preview: support this. • Social Marginality: Being excluded from social activity as an “outsider.” • W.E.B. Du Bois: Like being gifted with second sight, always looking at oneself through the eyes of others. • Disadvantaged people pay more attention to situations to gain the advantage they don’t have. • C. Wright Mills wrote a short book called “The Sociological Immagination” • Social Psychology studies human relationships, the effect of individuals on groups or the effects of groups on individuals. • Attribution: fixing cause or blame • Fundamental Attribution Error: Assuming others’ behavior is caused by their character rather than by social factors...
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lecture 8-30 - support this • Social Marginality Being...

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