lecture 11-27 - o Process is repeated 10 more times A...

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Applications of power: o Jeff Pfeffer, Stanford School of Business, Managing With Power, 1992. Two Dimensions of Power o Centrality: Central positions in networks are thought to have power o Exclusions: The ability to exclude others from a share in a valuable resource is thought to confer power. FDR 2 Sam Rayburn Tommy The Cork 3 4, 14 KTBC 5 1 FCC 13 LBJ 15 16 8 9 18 17 12 Al Wirtz 10 CBS Publisher 11 Brown and Root Construction 7 Network Exchange Experiments o 2 connected people can divide up 24 profit points o If they agree on a division (say 14-10), they keep what they have agreed to o If they cannot agree on a division (say both want 14), then they each get 0. o Then they get the chance to divide up another 24 profit points
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Unformatted text preview: o Process is repeated 10 more times A simple Exchange network: Maximum Power: A1 B A2 Typical series of exchanges: 1 st : a1 gets 12, B gets 12 2 nd : a2 gets 10, B gets 14 3 rd : a1 gets 7, B gets 17 4 th : A2 gets 6, B gets 18 Centrality= Power A less simple exchange network: Who has power? D1 C D2 E1 E2 Who is most Centrally located? C Who can exclude others from exchange? D1, D2. C has little or no power even though Central. If D1 exchanges with C, E1 is excluded. If D1 exchanges with E1, and D2 exchanges with E2, then C is Excluded. D1 and D2 are need never be excluded....
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lecture 11-27 - o Process is repeated 10 more times A...

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