people - Bellah Robert 1970 American Individualism has...

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Bellah, Robert: 1970, American Individualism has grown unhealthy. Will lead to breakdown in moral and social life; author of “Habits of the Heart;” Common American Values are Individualsm, Success, Freedom, Justice (9-20) theory of Civil religion (ch16) Calvin, John: Protestant theologian that stressed the need to engage in worldly activity, to display industry, punctuality, and frugality in everyday life. (ch16) Coleman, James: differences in quality of schools accounts for at most 1/3 of variance in students’ academic performance (ch17) Collins, Randal: Developed theory of credential inflation (ch17) Comte, August: named sociology. Study sociology to predict events. Predict to control them. (9-4) Coser, Louis: “Masters of Sociological Thought” (9-25) Davis, K.: Davis-Moore functionalist theory of social stratification; the closer a society is to a meritocracy, the more productive it will be (10-18) De Tocqueville, Alexis: key to American character is belief in social equality (9-20) “Democracy in Action. Individualism is driving force in American Democracy (9-25) Du Bois, W.E.B.: Like being gifted with second sight, always looking at oneself through the eyes of others (8-30) combined activism with a scientific approach to studying sociology (9-4) Durkheim, Emile : suicide study. Showed that most personal decisions are profoundly influenced by social forces. Social Solidarity. (8-30) groups become more than a collection of individuals but come to have a reality of their own (9-4) Religion’s major functions are to provide meaning and purpose, social control, promote group solidarity (12-14)
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people - Bellah Robert 1970 American Individualism has...

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