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lecture 10-25 - majority student • IQ Scores ○ Overall...

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Affirmative Action: preferring disadvantage minority applicants over majority applicants when other qualifications are equal Civil Rights legislation: 1960s, equal opportunity regardless of race. Grades and test scores determine admission Pre-1960s: family and personal connections most important in applications The test scores of a minority student cannot be validly compared to those of
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Unformatted text preview: majority student • IQ Scores: ○ Overall mean IQ in populations: 100 IQ ○ Standard deviation of 15 IQ points ○ Study results (U. Iowa students) IQ of students discriminated against: 112 IQ of students treated as privileged: 120 ○ (students with IQ of 112 are often disqualified from attending University of Iowa)...
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