lecture 10-18 - • Social Mobility: changes in a...

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Unformatted text preview: • Social Mobility: changes in a person’s status, upward, downward, or horizontal • Caste System: social stratification based on ascription. Lacks social mobility • Ascription: arbitrary placement in a social hierarchy usually from birth • Class system: social stratification based on individual achievement. • Status Consistency: similar standing on different dimensions of social inequality • Inconsistent statuses combine to influence an individual’s overall status. • Adding an Inconsistent status characteristic has a bigger effect overall status than adding a consistent status characteristic • Plan ahead in your senior year to get a job consistent in status with your degree when you graduate • Davis-Moore functionalist theory of stratification (K. Davis, W.E. Moore) : o All societies are stratified; therefore, stratification must have some beneficial effects o Society has a number of jobs that must be accomplished or society breaks down o Some jobs require more talent and training than others, making them harder to fill...
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lecture 10-18 - • Social Mobility: changes in a...

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