lecture 9-27 - Louis Coser: "Master of Sociological...

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Louis Coser: “Master of Sociological Thought” Dialectic: change occurs through the constant conflict between an idea and its contradiction Dialectical processes: o Thesis o Antithesis o Synthesis Karl Marx The Communist Manifesto “The history of all hither to existing society is the history of class struggle Dialectical materialism: Karl Marx applied George W.F. Hegel’s dialectical process to the mode of production Objectification: treating human beings as material objects worth only what they produce in a factory Marx’s opposing classes o Proletariat: workers who own only the labor power they possess o Capitalist: factory owners whose power comes from control of the means of production Marx’s four stages of society, Das Kapital: o Feudal mercantilism: rents o Capitalism: private factory ownership o Socialism: state factory ownership o Communism: ownership unnecessary True Communism: “from each according to her or his ability, to each according to her
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lecture 9-27 - Louis Coser: "Master of Sociological...

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