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lecture 9-20 - phenomenon • Robert Bellah and his...

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Values: standards by which members of a culture distinguish the desirable from the undesirable 10 American Values o Equal Opportunity o Achievement and success o Activity and work o Material comfort o Practicality and efficiency o Progress o Science o Democracy and free enterprise o Freedom o Racism and group superiority Contradictory American Values: o Equal Opportunity and Achievement and success seem to contradict racism and group superiority Norm: social rule enforced by a sanction Sanction: reward or punishment associated with a norm Mores: norms of great moral significance Alexis De Tocqueville thought the key to American character was a belief in social equality Robert Bellah thought that by 1970s American Individualism had grown unhealthy leading to breakdown in moral and social life. Ideal type: abstract statement of the essential characteristics of any sociological
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Unformatted text preview: phenomenon • Robert Bellah and his colleagues looked for ideal typical American to describe in Habits of the Heart • Bellah’s four Ideal-type Americans: o Brian Palmer: successful in computer industry. Worked so much his marriage failed. Formed new family with his children and new wife’s children. o Joe Gorman: works for a large company in a small town. Devotes himself to community service. o Margaret Oldham: clinical psychologist in a large city. Believes in individual growth and personal responsibility Ralph Waldo Emerson: famous for essay about American Self-Relience o Wayne Bauer: deserted from marines during Vietnam War. Works as political activist for the poor. • Bellah’s common American Values: o Individualism o Success o Freedom o Justice...
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lecture 9-20 - phenomenon • Robert Bellah and his...

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