Chapter 18 - Chapter 18-The Mass Media Movies television...

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Chapter 18—The Mass Media Movies, television, and other mass media sometimes blur the distinction between reality and fantasy. The mass media are products of the 19 th and 20 th centuries Historically, the growth of the mass media is rooted in the rise of Protestantism, democracy, and capitalism. The mass media make society more cohesive. The mass media also foster social inequality. Although the mass media are influential, audiences filter, interpret, resist, and even reject media messages with their beliefs and experiences. The mass media misrepresent women and racial minorities in important ways. The interaction between producers and consumers of media messages is most evident on the internet. The Significance of the Mass Media Illusion Becomes Reality What are the mass media? Mass Media: print, radio, television, and other communication technologies. The word “mass” implies that the media reach many people. The word “media” also signifies that communication does not take place directly through face-to-face interaction. Instead, technology intervenes or mediates in transmitting messages from senders to receivers. Furthermore, communication via the mass media is usually one way, or at least one-sided. There are few sender and many receivers.
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The Rise of the Mass Media Cause of Media Growth The Protestant Reformation Democratic Movements Theories of Media Effects Functionalism The mass media perform an important function by coordinating the operation of industrial and postindustrial societies. The mass media are also important agents of socialization
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Chapter 18 - Chapter 18-The Mass Media Movies television...

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