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Kelly Mahoney Article Analysis December 10, 2007 Lemon Test in Court Case Regarding Anti-Evolution Stickers The conflict between fundamentalists and Darwinists has been contested in court rulings for years. The main argument made by fundamentalists is that evolution should not be taught it schools because it goes against the religious teachings that support “intelligent design”. Fundamentalists, or creationists, believe that the “designer” of all life was God, who had a specific plan for each species. They believe God created man, without evolution from a single cell, like the Darwinists believe. Most scientists believe in the theory of evolution, which states that human beings evolved since the beginning of time, through the process of natural selection. Creationists do not want evolution taught in schools, and thus put anti-evolution stickers on science textbooks in a Georgia school district that say, “Evolution is a theory, not a fact”. These stickers caused uproar from those who believe in the scientific teachings of Charles Darwin, who believed man evolved from primates. In the article Judge in Georgia Orders Anti-Evolution Stickers Removed From Textbooks , Clarence Cooper, a federal judge in Cobb County, Georgia, ruled that schools must remove these stickers because they violate the First Amendment. The First Amendment states that religion must not interfere with state. Judge Cooper wrote that “the anti-evolution stickers, perhaps inadvertently ‘convey a message of endorsement of religion,’” because the wording of the sticker singles out the theory of evolution. This is in violation of the First Amendment's separation of church and state and the Georgia Constitution's prohibition against using public money to aid religion. Since the public
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ampol article analysis - Kelly Mahoney Article Analysis...

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