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contradiction - 2:36:00 PM Kelly Mahoney The Value of...

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24/09/2007 13:36:00 Kelly Mahoney The Value of Possessions Contradictions are a natural part of everyone’s identity. We say one thing, then we act in the opposite way. With contradictions we discover our true feelings. We may think our ideologies are set in stone, that the way we feel is congruent with the words we speak and the actions we take. However, the opposite is true. Even the most stubborn, rigid person with the “strictest” beliefs can act in a way that is totally different from their character. People discover things about themselves that may shock them. I too have my own contradictions but I must recognize them to change my unconstructive behavior. For example, I am a self-proclaimed shop-aholic. I am materialistic. This characteristic of myself is obvious. However, I want to be content with the possessions I have and not feel the need to spend money to make myself happy. These contradictions define a part of my identity, so I must explore them and find out why I have two conflicting views about my personality. Sometimes I feel so greedy and I want to have things, any kind of thing just for the sake of having it. I want clothes, purses, bracelets, earrings, shoes, coats, books, magazines; anything that can be bought. In my dorm room, my roommate has about a third of the belongings in our tiny space. Her desk is clear and neat, and mine is overflowing with picture frames, lotion bottles, mugs, perfumes, necklaces and electrical cords. Even my bed is covered in three different blankets and pillows. I play a game with the catalogs that come to my house; I pick out one thing on each page that I would buy, regardless of price. I could flip through clothing and electronics catalogs all day, “buying” things.
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