BARRIERS TO PARTICIPATION - First-past-the post-one person...

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12/4 BARRIERS TO PARTICIPATION (FORMAL) Disenfranchisement of felony voters : direct barrier to participation 3.9 million are permanently/currently barred from voting Reinforcing elite nature of participation poor, uneducated, minority (black and Hispanic) disproportionate, younger (males) more likely Felony convicts are reprobate (unprincipled) Process of disenfranchisement primarily affects more vulnerable sectors of society ELECTORAL SYSTEM Two party system -most electoral seats go to either D or R Other parties -fringe groups -large parties are more in touch with mainstream -Lack funding to be effective -people don’t believe they will win -media -ballot registration –suggest two options Single member district plurality system
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Unformatted text preview: First-past-the post-one person reps a district plurality system winner take all system winner does not have to rep majority of interests people tend to vote for winners-bandwagoning entry system is extremely high third party candidates less likely to gain mass support PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION Number of seats per constituency Apportioned per party Under PR system, third parties are more vulnerable Under FPP system, third parties tend to get shut out PR- votes matter more Increase voter turnout (possibly) More accurate representation of interests FPP-streamlines function of government Coalition building necessary PR- fringe candidates can get a voice- extremists gain representation...
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BARRIERS TO PARTICIPATION - First-past-the post-one person...

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