Backup of y tu mama tambien

Backup of y tu mama tambien - allows us to discover what...

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Kelly Mahoney “Y Tu Mama Tambien” English 132 In the film “Y Tu Mama Tambien”, Luisa goes through a metamorphosis which we don’t see the reason for until the very end. When we meet Luisa she is seemingly happy in her marriage. Tenoch and Julio’s invitation to go to the beach with them seems like a far-fetched idea until Luisa’s husband Jano drunkenly tells her he cheated on her. This phone call sparks something in Luisa and she finally decides to leave Jano. Only later in the film do we find out that Luisa has known Jano cheats on her all along. Her purpose for going on the road trip with the boys is twofold. First, she wants to get away from Jano and the suffocating life she led with him. Second, Luisa knows she has cancer and not long to live, so she needs to get out and see more of the world before she dies. Tenoch and Julio just happened to provide the right time and excuse for her to finish her life in a way that will make death easier. The last scene reveals the puzzle piece that
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Unformatted text preview: allows us to discover what Luisa hoped to get from the road trip. At the beginning of the film, Luisa seems to be emotionally fragile, angry and sad. Her husband, the only other person she loves in her life, cheats on her and doesn’t reciprocate her devotion to him. At the point when Jano calls her and reveals he slept with another woman, she decides to take this confession as fuel for her decision to leave. She calls Tenoch and arranges to go to the beach with them. In a couple scenes we see her crying in despair. In the scene where Tenoch walks in on her crying in the hotel room is the first time we see her as more of a sexual being. She projects her anger and sadness with Jano into sexual desire for Tenoch. This leads to her having sex with Julio to try and “even the score” between the two boys, which leads to them getting a huge argument. At the climax of their fighting, Luisa flips out, gets out of the car and yells at them for acting childish. She...
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Backup of y tu mama tambien - allows us to discover what...

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