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Daniel Araque Prof. Castronova HUM 100 Diagnostics Essay Jan. 22, 2008 I Will Be. .. Well, I have big plans for my life in the future. Most importantly, I’m going to graduate from NJIT with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. Then, I will use my degree to become an officer in the United States Marine Corps. In order to become an officer in the Marine Corps, I need a degree in whatever my heart desires to have a degree in. I will then go through hell and back at Boot Camp. By the time all of this happens, I will be an old timer at the age of 22. Then, my journey begins with the Marine Corps paying for my education as I take on the challenge of getting my master’s degree
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Unformatted text preview: in Civil Engineering. Now, what will I do when I get my masters? Sit at home on the couch until the country calls me to fight? I think not! In the Marine Corps, I will also be an engineer, a Combat Engineer, something similar to a Civil Engineer just a civil engineer shooting at enemies while trying to build a bridge. Fun right?! Soon after, I will hopefully get married to the young lady I am in a relationship with now and live life as a strong, bold Marine Officer disguised as a Civil Engineer with a master/’s degree under my belt; and when free calls, I will go and defend my country and fight against any injustice at hand....
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