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Con Law Prompt Final

Con Law Prompt Final - Constitutional Law Term Paper Prompt...

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Constitutional Law Term Paper Prompt POSC 168 Dr. Bruce Bordner I. Choose an issue/topic that interests you conforming to the following 3 stipulations: A. It must deal with some contested part of the criminal justice process with respect to defendants. This process includes: preliminary investigation, investigation (search & seizure), arrest (Miranda rights, legal basis for), interrogation/booking (due process, confessions, torture), court proceedings (location, jury trial, representation), verdict and sentencing (capital punishment/3 strikes law). B. It must involve a Federal question that involves interpretation of the US Constitution. Thus, it must have a Federal case history. C. Choose a topic with which you have a specific substantive and interpretive Constitutional disagreement with the way it is currently interpreted by the courts or government in general. II. In addressing your topic, your paper should be organized into 5 primary sections. A. Introduction (10 points) 1) Establish importance and relevance of topic 2) Thesis statement – based upon your substantive & interpretive disagreement with the current court/government interpretation of the law with respect to your issue, state which particular court cases should be overturned/changed &/OR which Federal law should be declared unconstitutional. 3) Overview of paper (road map); first I will, second I will, third I will, finally I’ll conclude… B.
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  • Spring '08
  • Barr
  • constitutional argument, thesis support argument, interpretive Constitutional disagreement, pragmatic/effect argument

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