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COMM 250, sec. 1 Penn State Greater Allegheny Dr. Clifford Manlove, Course Instructor Quiz 7 ; Spring, 2008 Directions: You have 30 minutes to handwrite answers to each of the questions below. It will be necessary to use the back of this page, or your own notebook paper, to write complete answers. Each question is worth 10 points, for a total of 50 points (see syllabus for full policies). Answer each question as concisely and thoroughly as possible in no more than 4-6 complete sentences . Use at least 1-2 specific examples from the text in question in each answer. NOTE: You would be well advised to not use the same material for more than one answer. 1. Describe 3 reasons King Kong (1933) is a surrealist text, according to Ferry (to score well here, use no more than 1 reason related to plot). Make an argument for a surrealist interpretation of
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Unformatted text preview: Kong . 2. Using 3 direct references to Ferry, make an argument that King Kong (2005) is OR is not surrealist. (Note—this may require you to make reference to 3 particular examples from Kong to prove point.) 3. Describe 3 ways in which Jackson intensifies Cooper’s original theme of filmmaking, of King Kong (regardless of version) being a film about filmmaking. How does Jackson put his own spin on this theme; what does this say about filmmaking more generally? 4. Describe 2 ways that Jackson makes King Kong his own. In what sense does he make the film more original than the original (is this even possible)? 5. Discuss whether political critics would view KK as a progressive text because it is also highly self-reflexive....
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