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Quiz 5 - 1 Compare/contrast how Cooper& De Laurentiis...

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COMM 250, sec. 1 Penn State Greater Allegheny Dr. Clifford Manlove, Course Instructor Quiz 5 ; Spring, 2008 “Take Home” Quiz Directions: Quiz is DUE by THURSDAY 20 MAR. at the start of class. Answer each of the questions below for 50 points total; 10 points each. Please work alone on these questions; you certainly would not want to reward folks who have not taken the time to read as you have done (or plagiarize the work of others) . Typing answers is encouraged (though not required); you will need to use the back or attach an additional sheet to answer the questions below. Please email if you have any questions. Answer each question as concisely and thoroughly as possible in no more than 4-6 complete sentences . Use at least 1-2 specific examples from Morton in each answer. NOTE: You would be well advised not to use the same material for more than one answer.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Compare/contrast how Cooper & De Laurentiis deal with the problem of creating Kong. What bearing does this have on how each film-maker views Kong, and how each seems to view the savage vs. civilization theme? 2. Describe 3 ways in which De Laurentiis works to make this film this own, to stand alone from the '33. 3. Compare/Contrast the technical means by which Cooper & De Laurentiis combine the images of human actors, Kong, and the setting. 4. Compare/contrast how the two directors present either Jack OR Ann/Dwan--how does this change one of the themes of the film? 5. Aside from making Kong, and the problem of staging him with the actors/setting, describe 3 problems Cooper & De Laurentiis run into making their films. Compare/contrast how each handles each of these difficulties....
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