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Biological Science 004 Assignment #2, pg 57 “Stem Cells Research” 1. I think that if a woman chooses to donate her unused embryos to scientific research that they should be used to help further advance medicine. I do not think that the embryos should be used for science without the woman’s’ consent because they are her eggs, and using them and destroying them might cause an ethical or religious dilemma for her. I believe that a lot of women would donate their unused eggs because they know that these embryos would just go to waste because they were never planning on fertilizing them anyways. 2. I agree with Sandel that embryonic research is okay to treat illness, but it is not okay for cloning human beings. Once people start cloning humans, they are “playing God.” Not only is it against my religious beliefs, it is just a bad idea in general. The thought of cloning humans is very scary to me. By cloning humans, scientists could create “perfect” human beings. Eventually, they would be
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Unformatted text preview: stronger, more intelligent, and more attractive than us “regular” humans and they would make us feel very inferior, because we would, in fact, be very inferior to them. These clones would take over the world and we would be destroyed by our own creation. In conclusion, no cloning human beings in my lifetime, please. 3. I think that researchers should combine stem cells if they need to cure a disease; the only thing that concerns me is that they might make some kind of human/animal hybrid. That’s really wild but I’m sure they could do it someday. A hybrid would be unethical if the scientists actually let it develop. They need to know when to stop, but unfortunately I think the temptation would be too great to let something like this develop. For now I think its harmless research but in the future it might need to be stopped before it crosses the line....
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