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Biological Science 004 Assignment #3 pg 241 “Anabolic Steroid Use” 1. I think that both professional athletes’ and high school athletes’ techniques to enhance their athletic performance should be regulated. Certain medications and stimulants that contain ingredients that would give the athlete an unfair advantage should be banned. I do not think, however, that the way and amount of training that an athlete does should be regulated. If one person is more dedicated to training than the next guy, he deserves to be in better shape and to be a better athlete because of it. Success takes hard work, and training is hard work. The message that sports send to kids should be that hard work will make you a winner, not taking hard drugs; because in the end, taking drugs for the immediate gratification will only make you a loser. 2. I think that it is socially acceptable for professional athletes to endanger themselves by practicing excessively. It is not acceptable on a psychological or
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Unformatted text preview: physical level to your own body because people who over exercise and do not eat anything so that they can stay in shape have a lot of mental anguish. I think that regular people who do this are sometimes envied by others because of their physical appearance but also they are frowned upon because they do not live up to the social norms. It is socially acceptable by many people, especially the under 40 crowd, to take legal OTC diet pills that aid in weight loss and increase energy. 3. I think that the head of every sports organization should have a committee that regulates the way athletes behave. The NFL, NHL, NCAA, NBA, WPIAL etc. should all have their own set of rules and standards that the athletes should all have to follow. It would not only benefit the sport as a whole, for it would also benefit the athletes as individuals....
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