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Biological Science 004 Assignment #4, pg 313 “Hormone Replacement Therapy” 1. I think that is a physician is extremely well-informed about the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) then that physician would be aware of the enormous risk involved in recommending a patient to use HRT. I think that HRT should only be used as a last result, when there are no other treatment options. Because it highly increases the patient’s chances of developing many complications including cancer and strokes, the patients should have to really want the HRT and be willing to take the risk. Until more research is done and science can prove that HRT is a great and effective treatment, I think that doctors should stay away from it. The legal risk outweighs the benefits. 2. The physicians must first accept the responsibility for the decisions they make on what treatment is best for their patients. The patients should give their consent to
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Unformatted text preview: the doctor of course, but if the patient had the knowledge and experience of the doctor then they wouldn’t need the doctor in the first place and the patient could self-medicate. Primarily, the best treatment option should be at the physician’s 3. I would encourage women to sue their physicians if they were prescribed HRT without being completely aware of the severe consequences that often accompany HRT. If the women understood the risks of HRT and after the therapy experienced some of the negative side effects I don’t think it would be very ethical of them to sue their physician. However, a patient can never consent or sign away their right to sue. Therefore, from a legal standpoint, I would definitely encourage a client with a strong case to pursue monetary gains from their situation....
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